Maps 2014 (5) Sara Graham

maps5-sara graham

Sara Graham is a Canadian artist working on maps as art objects. Her maps of Canadian cities, re-assambled as a collage of road symbologies, are an interesting part of a work in which architecture is also relevant. And some works, as the maps of Prince Edward Island, get close to some Guy Debord proposals to rectify the Seine at Paris

maps5-sara graham.autop

Borders (6) Rang St André

This is a spot on the Quebec Province- New York State border line in which apparently you can no longer cross. Funny, the European borders are fully visible on google street view, but the large border facilities on the I-87 (Montreal- New York City) less than a mile to the west can not be seen (there can be many reasons, let me just believe google’s car just had an accident). It must be a quiet border, as they seem to believe that just a fence and a few roadsigns can disuade any eventual tresspaser, or else there are hidden surveillance systems… looking at the enourmous border facilities on the interstate, you can get a clearer measure of what the end of internal borders has been in Europe.