Happy Christmas Eve!


Happy Christmas Eve! here we have two small objects designed by my sister, with a trilingual 2014 calendar; if there are kids around, they will probably love it. You will need scisors, glue and a bit of patience. The best option is to print each of the images, or just the one you prefer, either scenes from the Spanish city of La Coruña (file calido1) or the cute animals (file calido2) in an A3 (twice the letter format, for our US friends), using the pdf files from the precedent links. A4 (or letter) would probably be to small for most fingers.

WP_001513 WP_001514 WP_001511

A cute 3d object results.

Christmas in Madrid

The nav12-2

The Puerta del Sol symbolizes for Madrid the center as a meeting point. Many subway lines converge there, and there is a large retail concentration, so these days people flock there for a stroll and (a few) for shopping. It is also the place to receive the new year, as Times square is in New York; in the photo under this lines, to the left you will see the clock to whose bell spaniards swallow 12 grapes when the new year arrives (one of these deliciously absurd traditions that, in the end, define a country through the memories of its people).

Happy Christmas!

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