Spanish Mediterranean (6)

Javea shows a special situation among these examples in the Alicante coast: a seashore profile in which detached houses and low height buildings dominate. In the northern zone there is a long seaside road along which detached houses on large lots are dominant, and on the south area heights are usually five. The arrangement of the restaurant and retail areas is also based on low heigh logics, with a parking layout uncommon in the area, and there is a clear initiative to renovate and requalify the restaurant areas.

32.649 registered residents in 2011, of which:

–           55% non-Spanish

–           43%  citizens of other states of the European Union

–           26% British

–           7% Germans

–           2% Moroccans

By large age groups, only among those under 16 years are Spanish citizens a majority. Among registered residents over 64 there are nearly 2,5 times as many foreigners as Spanish persons.