Borders (2) La Junquera/ Le Perthus

The motorway through higher grounds has allowed turning the old national road that is the main street into a retail strip that is a permanent traffic jam. On the Spanish side, on lower grounds, all kinds of business happen.

A new bookstore

A Sunday afternoon, just out from lunch, I got a pleasant surprise: a new big bookstore. I am not that much into sports, and the apparel stores bore me, but on the opposite side bookstores are my kind of retail. Even so, I feel guilty since I bought an e-book (the sq m real estate price is in for something, as my home is full of books).

The new La Central bookstore (from a Barcelona based chain) near Plaza de Callao shows an interesting book selection in an ingeniously renovated building. Can a paper bookstore resist in this wild culture digitalization frenzy? The future is uncertain, but the place has a good feeling, and probably its clients will be not just the average Madrileño, but also metropolitan dwellers looking for a sense or urban centrality and tourists visiting the city.