Paris (12)

Disneyland Paris

Can you sell an ersatz when there is a product which is equally artificial (the idea of Paris), but much more complex and open, at short distance and with the best possible tourist promotion by its presence for centuries in all the cultural levels? Yearly Eurodisney results seem to indicate that the answer is not in our time.

Eurodisney becomes a new geometric shape in the geometric landscape of the Paris region, in its perfect circle, mainly unoccupied as a long term reservation. It is no worse than many other urban operations on this land, in which magnificent spaces can be close to important mistakes that have an impact on the quality of life of many citizens; but Eurodisney does not get, as a part, to be seen as different enough from the whole as to prosper in its price range.

I’ve visited the park, it is not worse than other theme parks. And it is a joint venture with the French Government, not just an American initiative…

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