Biblio (5) Public policies and tourism in Spain

Here is the first PHD dissertation (María Isabel Jaimez Gago, 2004) mentioned in this section. Published on the internet by the regional government of Andalusia, it is a good introduction to the growth of tourism as a major economic sector in Spain and in Andalusia, one of the main regions for that activity.

The text studies the growth of tourism in Spain from its first regulations (a Royal Order from 1833 liberalizing the right to open inns), through the first “modern” texts related to tourism (the National Commission to foster in Spain the artistic and leisure excursions of foreign public, in 1905), the creation of the Paradores network, that of the Ministry of Information and Tourism in 1951, and its evolution up to the beginning of the 2000s.

Of special interest to the theme of this blog is chapter III, on the planning policies related to tourism, its promotion and the way in which these policies were related to general economic development plans. Point 10.8, on the Andalusia Tourism General Plan, is also noteworthy.

It can be useful to remind here that google translate (or other similar instruments) allows an automatic translation (of lesser quality than a human translation, but usually enough to understand the general meaning of a text) of full pdf files)

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