Spanish Mediterranean (10)

The El Toyo resort, 15 km east of the city of Almería (on the same municipality) and 3km from the airport, is at the beginning linked to the 2005 Mediterranean Games initiative, and aimed at lodging the athletes. It occupies 260 hectares, which were mainly owned by the municipality or the state prior to the operation.

The operation was launched by a public agent, the Public Land Company of Andalusia (EPSA), cooperating with the city of Almería. The program includes an 18 holes golf course (68 hectares) and seven high level hotels, three of which were to be located on the beach. The plan also defines 3.990 dwellings (418.000 built sq m), 87.430 built sq m for hotels, 41.339 sq m of buildings to be occupied by retail and leisure uses, and a land area of 614.815 sq m for public open spaces.

After the end of the Mediterranean Games the project has not yet attained a full development.

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