Biblio 10. Spanish cities

I heard one day that Borges, the great argentine writer, wrote that statistics was somehow a worse falacy than lies; despite the fact that the political use of statistics can sometimes be aligned with that thought, statistics are still a great tool to try to grasp realities when compared to others as far as it is well used. The Capitales & Ciudades + 100 book is, published by the Spanish Ministry for Public Works (which has limited competence on urban policies) analyses the current dynamics in 79 cities of the country with a combined population of 20 millions, more than 42% of the Spanish population.

The following issues s are analyzed:

  • Social and economic context. Employment and housing
  • Land use
  • Urban planning

The book combines analytic scales, with an introduction on the overall dynamics in the whole set of cities and an annex of individual city datasets including land use and urban planning maps.

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