The Kings gift

Today, january sixth, is the Kings day in Spain; it is a cellebration of epiphany and the three wise men or Kings that came to see Jesus in Bethlehem. The local tradition is that the presents are not given in Christmas by Santa, but today by the Kings.
This is a very simple cutout that you can print and then assamble. It is subject to the specifications of a stringent client that any architect would respect (a three year girl): it can be folded and unfolded for transportation with a regular square shape, needs no glue to stand (folds must be well made, and to be honest it is not easy to have it entirely vertical…), and it has some kind of inner space (and a fence for animals… the two light color strips on the right to be cut). Who says no one is building in Spain? you could even be making a full city for almost no cost…Enjoy.

Save the image full size and then print it without distorsion

Save the image full size and then print it without distorsion. Black lines are folds, blue ones are to be cut

casita reyes4

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