Housing (5) Vegaviana

I’ve already talked about Vegaviana in a series of posts about food and urbanism. Last week I visited the place and saw again the qualities of the project: even if these homes would not receive today a prize to modernist hype, they show well how to articulate single family housing in a way that is more sustainable than many common subdivisions. The fact that these were homes built after a war, with scarce means, has led to limited paving and an economy of elements (sustainability is sometimes the result of having no other choice), and the commons between the homes are an interesting space, with few formal elements. These homes will probably need some refurbishing, but the frame is clearly good. Lots are around 300 sq m, with homes totalizing some 80-90 sq m and the ancillary buildings developed since then some 200

Vegaviana1 Vegaviana2 Vegaviana3 Vegaviana4

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