Biblio (35) Renovate Europe


Renovate Europe is a campaign financed by private agents from the continent calling for an European policy to renovate the existing building stock. This renovation, focused on energy efficiency, is needed to tackle the goals Europe is defining in terms of climate change, and is presented as a way to help the economy and improve public finances without costs, raising at the same time the quality of life of citizens. Investing a gross amount of 41 to 78 billion euros per year would generate returns from 104 to 175 billion (as always, any forecast on figures is just a scenario, not a certitude).

Two publications are of special interest: one is an analysis of the conditions of the current European building stock, while the other analyses the benefits of investing in energy renovation of buildings.

These two publications are published by an set of agents with interests in the matter, but anyway the idea of an energy renovation seems quite sensible in a continent that is aging, with scarce conventional energy sources, and that declares itself sensitive to sustainable development and climate change.

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