Housing (10) RIVP


Building at ZAC Claude Bernard, by V.Brossy, architect


The Régie Immobilière de la Ville de Paris is a mixed-economy corporation that focuses on social housing into Paris (91% of its assets) and its outskirts (9%). The apartments are rented under different schemes.

Fiscal incomes that are used to decide who is entitled to a social housing unite go from 22.113 euros for a single person under PLUS to 90.025 for six persons or a single person with 4 dependent people.

The corporation introduces sustainable development innovation in its buildings, but a substantial part of its budget goes to conservation works in the existing buildings.


Geographical distribution of RIVP’s assets. The north and the east, areas with lesser revenues, have higher shares of social housing. Out of the Peripherique beltway most of the social housing is provided for by other agencies


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