Montpellier (5)


Images from portraying the area in a Carte d’Etat Major prior to 1866 and in its current status.

The river Lez ends in the Mediterranean sea, some 8 miles south of Montpellier. The coast of the region is marked by many lakes, lagoons and sand bars, not unilke the US eastern coast, and not unlike it there is also a sort of intracoastal waterway. It is always curious to see how there is an attempt to win the challenge against the sea, opening new spaces, in this case in what is now Palavas- Les- Flots, a tourism station. The extent to which this kind of development can withstand the test of climate change is to be tested in the coming years if science is correct, as today it has been anounced that the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere continues to rise (affecting every coast, not just this one).

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