Tourism space (4c)

Being alive is an experience, so keeping alive should also count as such. What is known as medical tourism is something quite different from what is usually thought of as tourism; the destination allows the tourist to access a care that in his country is either to expensive or not available. In Spain, there have been cases of some northern Europeans coming for interventions at the national health service that were not covered by their national systems, benefiting from mutual medical assistance European agreements (with some frauds). There are other countries (such as India) proposing private care at competitive prices, something also underway in Spain. Is MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston a major tourism asset for the city?  maybe, as it is not infrequent to hear from people having visited Houston for that reason.

What is interesting here is that it means an unexpected immersion in the inner experiences of a country; but there are also cases of specialized health compounds. This kind of tourism moved more than 75.000 million dollars in 2009 around the world.

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