Tourism space (4e)

Experimentando exito

I must acknowledge that for this last week I have somehow forced what some experts would consider experiential tourism. The Spanish Ministry for Industry, Energy and Tourism, in partnership with the Technological Lodging Institute, has published a document on the creation and packaging of recent successful tourism experiences in the country. This trend appears as a transition from a tour-operator and mass marketing approach to a more local experience, relevant for an interior tourism linked to the cultural, natural, enological and gastronomical heritage.

These are often small and mid-sized companies which innovate by differentiation, specialization, market segmentation, technological innovation, public- private partnership and competitive improvement. The 11 studied cases are:

–          Detective weekend

–          Lava and pedals

–          Beauty & Fashion

–          Magical Month

–          Tourism products for the visually impaired

–          “InLove with Wine” and “Hallowine”

–          Driving a Formula


–          Senior Tourism Europa Community

–          Ili Palmir, the quest for dragons

–          Experiential tourism in the Goierri area

Different ways to use the space are presented: rural areas (many have been severely hit by the internal tourism crisis) oriented to cultural experience, wild journeys into high prize urban shopping, and perhaps the less usual, the touristic opening to visual and other handicapped people.

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