Lerma. The square


Lerma is a small city (pop. 2.886) in northern Castille. It plays a role as a central hub for a series of smaller rural municipalities. It once had a powerful duke (just see his palace) and it has a clear classical grand square (plaza mayor) in a castillian way: sober. The Duke’s Palace is overwhelming in volume (it is today a Parador, i.e., part of a state-run luxury hotels chain), while the rest of the square is much humbler in architectural terms. The square is paved with coblestones. In any big city I would rather have no cars parked on this square; but in such a small city I’m affraid they contribute to give some life to that urban core. They are surely not the best aesthetic element, but life comes from people coming and going, even if it is just to have a lamb treat.


The square, looking at the Duke’s Palace


A view from the gates of the Duke’s Palace


A zoom of the prior image. Notice the electronic signpost on the left, and the separative recycling bins on the floor

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