Biblio (49). The evolution of the urban tissues. Impact of the urban frame and architectural form

Biblio 49-evolutivité tissus urbains

This publication by the Institute for Regional and Urban Planning of the Region Ile de France concerns a relevant matter: how will the urban tissues conceived now according to contemporary ideas evolve in the future. It is known that when you visit the Ensanche in Barcelona you are seeing a much denser  tissue, quite different from what was designed in 1860, and a similar thing has happened in nearly all cities. Authors state that it is possible to embed into the urban project flexibility elements to allow a better future evolution. Their analysis concerns three items:

–           Urban frame (streets grid, size and arrangement of lots), property structure and public space.

–           Architectural form, including uses, bulk and architectural typologies adapted to uses.

–           The juridical aspects coming from diverse norms and the relation between properties.

An annex includes a study of real cases in the region.

Biblio 49-evolutivité tissus urbains-interior

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