How to cope with high temperature in Spain’s summer (1) Shadows and umbrellas

In Andalusia and in cities as Madrid, the way to ensure that life stays in some retail streets during summer is, simply, to cover them with awnings. This year the municipality of Getafe (south of Metro Madrid) has covered its main retail street with a lot of umbrellas; the experience has been short-lived due to problems with anchoring safety, but in fact, nearly anything bringing shadow can be of use…

Sierpes street in Seville uses traditional awnings, while Preciados street in Madrid uses a more complex system (less elegant, but perharps more fit to stand wind) and Getafe has tried to innovate… Urban planning usually does not establishes rules for that, and anyway these are temporary structures that have to abide by general regulations concerning the use of public space, even if just to address civil responsibility in the event of a problem.

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