Biblio (54) Lytro’s science

It is not that often that when you are looking at a product you find a PHD dissertation adjoining the user guide. Lytro is a US company that produces a camera which captures the whole light field, which means you get much more information from the portrayed scene, and this allows you to refocus or even change the perspective of the image after having taken it. Lytro founder Ren Ng’s thesis is quite technique, but it is also really interesting in the way it explains what seems to be fundamental changes in photography, making clear the ideas behind this innovation. A far cry from many thesis in other subjects that are just a bore to read (I’m talking about some in my knowledge field) and in the end produce not a clear outcome. But architecture and optics are different fields…

I own no Lytro camera, but from the outside it seems to be an idea with a large potential.

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