Shapes and outlines (2) Walls

Rue de Varenne, Paris, google street view

Rue de Varenne, Paris, google street view

Defining the volumes you see from the urban space can sometimes mean drawing elements that have no usable floor area, as walls. A part of the most interesting spaces in historic Paris, mainly in the areas with “hotels particuliers” is defined through walls hiding from the view courtyards or gardens much bigger than the public space. The same applies to Toledo or Segovia. Muslims cities have long used this principle, often with less elaborate walls. The transition from public to private space is enriched; drawing just the big built up volumes is somehow cheating.




  1. I’m assuming you are not referring to Toledo, Ohio (which is almost never talked about in the same article as Paris). Thanks again for sharing your insight into the world around us.

    1. As a matter of fact, I was talking about Toledo, Spain. But I see the challenge you raise, and I will have soon a post putting in the same perspective Toledo (OH) and Paris… reinforced concrete will somehow be arround, I guesss. Thank you for following and sharing your views too

      1. I figure it was Toledo, Spain. Not too many people write about Toledo, OH. but it was too hard to pass up the chance to comment. So many times I don’t know what to add as a comment but I really enjoy reading your blog.

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