Biblio (100)

biblio100Being at Biblio 100 means somehow that this idea of publishing each Monday references on interesting texts related to space at its different scales and implications has lasted over 2 years. Going from 100 to 1.000 seems hard (some white hair along the way, as well as the patience…), but it also seemed hard to get to 100.

How to celebrate this small feat? I would like to get your opinions on what has been more (or least…) interesting during this period. This could help to orient coming posts… and is also a chance to see again what has been produced during this time. Just remember that on top of this page the menu “biblio- selected readings” gets you to the list of biblio posts.


  1. Congratulations on achieving this milestone. 100 posts is hard enough to reach. 100 in a theme, as well researched and written as yours is amazing.

    For my preference, I love maps, and I like learning about preservation, restoration and the efforts people/governments make to make things better for people (really better, not just faster, cheaper and modern looking). I’ll take whatever you toss out here though. Since I started following, I have yet to be disappointed.

  2. Unfortunately, whenever I click on your “biblio-selected readings” using Chrome browser it never loads and freezes my system so that might be something to consider. I’ll see if I can load it in Firefox or IE to better effect.

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