Maps 2014 (39) All those Duch buildings

edificios nl

The Waag Society, a Dutch institute for the arts, sciences and technologies, has developed with designer and software engineer Bert Spaan a map of all the buildings in the country. The maps represents the age of the buildings with a colour code and displays some data about each element.


      1. I just looked up the apartment where I used to live in Queens. We have this for our local town here in CT as well. Actually, ours is quite detailed. The information is all considered public records here, you could get this from Town Hall if you were in the neighborhood.

      2. Sure, it also is public records here too, but (probably because catholic and protestant ethos have their differences), you can know here all these data, but the owner’s name is protected on the internet; to know it you must go to the property registry office and make a written demand presenting your ID documents. Different cultures…

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