Biblio (121) Long series for real estate prices in France

biblio121-series longues prix immo- Paris depuis 1200

Here is a set of interesting references on long-term real estate prices in France, for the 1936-2015 period in the whole country and 1200-2015 for Paris. This vision in long-term series reminds me the long series on revenue on which Pikety supports his ideas.

Series from 1200 in Paris are evidently based on various methodologies, with a lesser statistic representatively. They show an erratic journey, but reality can sometimes be so.

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  1. Reblogged this on Property Shop France and commented:
    This is amazing. There are many financial analysts who have said purchasing property in Paris is a good investment and this graph tends to support that assertion. What other city in the world can boast documentation of real estate prices which span the last 800 years? That is almost an entire millennia of record keeping.

    Imagine all that the French have been through during that time; the different Kings, Queens, conflicts, conquests and wars. Yet, there was always the pertinacity to keep track of real estate prices over the long-term. If that type of due diligence doesn’t inspire confidence in a city and it’s property market it’s hard to imagine what would.

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