Maps 2015 (14) The city of Mexico in 1628

1628 image (from

For some reason I found this week that image of Mexico city in 1628, drawn by Juan Gómez de Trasmonte and conserved at the Archivo General de Indias. A century after the conquest the city is still surrounded by lakes, and the structure of city blocks is apparent.

I also found that image of a mural by Diego Rivera (XXth century), representing the pre-hispanic city. Sure that is not a historical city, but I like the image.

Diego Rivera, National Palace, Mexico (image  from wikipedia)


  1. Dan Antion sent me here. I am writing some posts on Maps, Mapping, and anywhere those topics take, including my love of vintage maps and assorted documents. I enjoyed seeing these maps very much and remembering my own journey to Mexico City many years ago.

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