This page will include a series of references relevant for urban and regional planning

Guía de Estudios de Impacto e Integración Paisajística (Galician Guide to Landscape Impact and Integration Asessments)

Good practice guide on the integration of the environmental conditions in new neighborhood development, French Ministry for Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy

Green Infrastructure and Territorial Cohesion; European Environmental Agency

UK National Planning Policy Framework

Políticas Públicas y Turismo; PHD dissertation by Maria Isabel Jaimez Gago on Tourism related public policies in Spain

Plan Director Urbanístico del Sistema Costero de Cataluña; the coastal planning programme of Catalonia

Plan Estratégico Nacional do Turismo de Portugal 2007;the framework for portuguese policies related to tourism

Land Use Futures; a prospective study on the future uses of the british land

Territoires 2040; a 30 years prospective studio on the future of the french territorial scene

Spanish Cadastral Information System; recent innovations in the spanish cadastral system

Capitales & Ciudades + 100; an analysis by the Spanish Public Works Ministry on 79 Spanish cities that concentrate up to 42% of the national population.

Biblioteca Digital Hispánica; an exceptional source for historical maps describing the cities of Spain and its past empire

Le schéma directeur de la région Île-de-France; last iteration (october 2012) of the revision of the Paris regional plan.

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