Urban freeways (update)

I have just seen that Madrid’s regional cartography portal (nomecalles) has put online a 2011 ortophotography, which helps to better perceive the transformation of the M30 inner beltway between 2004 and 2011 (which was described in the urban freeways-1 post). Just get a look to three areas in which this is quite clear. The 2006 photos show how complex were the provisional road diversions during works.

Matadero cultural center and Legazpi square are on the left. During this time the slaugtherhouse has become a new center for innovative arts.

The Toledo Bridge, already a pedestrian passage in 2001, has gained in visibility

The area facing the Royal Palace gardens to the west, south of Principe Pio rail station, has benefited from the burial of a multilevel freeway exchange

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