Proyecto Madrid Centro (2)

The quality of urban spaces can spark the transformation of the city, and this is only possible by a better space allocation to cars, pedestrians and bicycles, taking back a relevant part of the streets for uses that contribute to a better life quality without compromising economic vitality.

The street is a reference for buildings, the place where mobility occurs, and, through retail on sidewalks, the basis for an interaction between the public and private realms. Working on the street design allows a new approach to its organization layout and also to that of the buildings that define its space.

The project proposes to configure new “urban cells” (1) that are based on two essential ideas:

–          Separate through traffic from resident’s access, by concentrating the first on a limited number of throughfares

–          An evolution from a current 70% of public space for cars to just 30%.

The concept of urban cell has been used in several projects by Salvador Rueda, Chairman of the Urban Ecology Agency of Barcelona, a member of the planning team (led by Ezquiaga, Herreros and Perez Arroyo).

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