London (6)

The last time I visited London was autumn 2005. Tony Blair was Prime Minister and the world seemed launched to an endless economic growth. This explains to those living in London now why some of my images lack some new elements, most notoriously the Shard, the new skyscraper by Renzo Piano on the south bank of the Thames.

London is, strictly speaking, a small municipality, nearly without permanent inhabitants (especially when compared to the army of employees working there each day), on a small area to the east of the West End, the area mostly explored by tourists. Managed by the Corporation of London, a peculiar institution, on this area there is an overlay of quite different architectural elements, marked by the kind of street grid already described.

The urban landscape of this area concentrates, on the subtract of the roman fort, elements from different moments. It is impossible to tell whether the result is good or bad, it is experimental as in similar cities, as the references of a combination of such diverse sensibilities by the presumed best architects in the world are not many.

I love that landscape, and I wonder how this will get old if the strength of the financial sector in the City is permanently and sizably reduced.

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