Madrid- Lille 2

Chamartin Station, Madrid, the southern tip of the Castellana extension operation (that does not include the 4 towers on the left). The Castellana extension will mean 1.204.000 sq m of offices, 330.000 of hotels and retail, and 17.000 housing units. The urban planning document was aproved in 2011, and the development will need real estate management procedures and the commitment of investors in a moment of crisis.

Euralille, Lille: a new bussiness area with 76.000 sq m of retail and 81.000 sq m for offices. On the whole operation, including the 4 remaining neighborhoods, there will be 267.000 sq m of housing, 361.000 sq m for offices, 33.820 for hotels and 148.694 for retail (built surfaces in al cases). The operation began in 1994, and in 2010, 81% of building rights were already built (in Euralille 1, 2 and Porte de Valenciennes, see

Madrid 1848

Lille around 1840

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