Density in Madrid (1) Aravaca

This week the subject will be the density of the Madrid neighborhoods. The ones analyzed are scatered around the central city with diverse economic and social conditions, representing varying degrees of density. Housing density is taken from the 2001 housing census (in months the 2011 census will be available, but not yet…) and cadastral data for january 2013, and population density is taken from 2012 population counts (padrón de habitantes). The areas subject to study correspond to the administrative “barrios” of the municipality, which are not always the neighborhoods as felt by citizens.


The A6 freeway. Aravaca is to the right; on the background is central Madrid

The A6 freeway. Aravaca is to the right; on the background is central Madrid

Dens madrid-1-Aravaca

scale in meters

2001: 15 dwellings/ Hectare

2013: 27 dwellings, 44 persons per hectare

Aravaca is somehow defined by its recent evolution from an out-of-town area with some second homes from the beguining of the XXth century, due to its accesibility through the La Coruña road (today A6, A-A on the map) and the Castille road (C-C on the map), reinforced in the last decades by the M-40 orbital (B-B) and the upgrade of the rail line (H-H, with station on G); the Casa de Campo, a former royal hunting ground (F) also contributes to define the space. The original village (D) has some retail functions in a denser setting, but most the area is low density, and some landscape provisions, as green corridor around the Arroyo de Pozuelo (E) contribute.

In 2001 (last housing census) there was a density of 15 dwellings per hectare (or 6 per acre). Altough this is a different measurement, as here you have public spaces and sizeable freeways, this is the same density as that of Lotissement Cassino in Pessac (page 143 on Habitat-formes urbaines); as of 2013, according to cadastral data, this figure has risen to become closer to that of Cité-jardin du Chemin Vert, in Reims, according to page 126 of the same reference. According to the 2012 population counts, the 25.531 people living there meant 44 per hectare. It is one of the richest neighborhoods in Madrid, sharing border with Pozuelo de Alarcon, the municipality with the highest personal income in the region, and it is, due to its density and urban fabric, a paradise for cars…

The most common dwelling area range is over 180 sq m.

If you want to get a closer view, see the area on google maps.

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