Density in Madrid (4) Justicia


Dens madrid-4- Justicia

2001: 157 dwellings per hectare

2013: 184 dwellings and 230 people per hectare

The barrio of Justicia is in a quite central position in the city. To the south its limits are the Cibeles square (A) and a part of the calle de Alcalá, following later the first section of the Gran Vía up to the Red de San Luis (B). To the north, its limits were the ancient city walls, passing through Colon square and the plaza de Alonso Martínez (C). The western flank is marked by the calle Fuencarral, a relevant retail axis in its section near the Gran Vía, reinforced since 2009 by a conversion into a pedestrian area for the aforementioned part. It is a dense area, with scarce green spaces: the plaza de Las Salesas to the west of the Justice Halls (E) (the plaza de la Villa de París, to the north of the Justice Halls, is relevant, but somehow stigmatized by the presence of the Audiencia Nacional). The plaza de Chueca (F), in the central part of the barrio, is quite small (but it has a symbolic role for the LGBT community in Madrid). The Colegio de Arquitectos (G) shows an interesting intervention with a good play with the courtyard space. The gardens of the central headquarters of the Army, on Cibeles square, are a sizeable green space, but closed and with no public access. The plaza de Santa Barbara, to the south of Alonso Martinez square, has recently been refurbished with an interesting project.

The most common area range in appartments in 2011 was 30 to 45 sq m

The zone on google maps

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