Housing (1) Kingo Houses


Original project. You can see the current state of the area at http://maps.google.es/?ll=56.032259,12.579829&spn=0.004748,0.00883&t=h&z=17

Jorn Utzon is mainly known for his Sydney Opera House, but he also built many other interesting Works, including homes (as his home in Menorca, Spain). The Kingo homes, built in 1958 in Elsinore, Danmark, are among these works; today they are referred to as romerhusene, and it is worth seeing the www.romehusene.dk. The 60 homes are grouped without configuring monotone rows, but rather as groups of square cells (L shaped homes closed by courtyards) on a site with a slope towards a lake. The courtyards are south oriented, and the whole development shows unity and diversity. Utzon described the project as “flowers on the branches of a cherry tree, each oriented towards the sun”.


Each home is on a 15 mx15 m (225 sq m) plot. The built up area is 104 sq m. This is not social housing, but is also far from being a Mcmansion. It is somehow similar in layout to what the “clustered developments” try to be nowadays in the US, as a proposal by urbanists to counter the depressingly monotone suburban sprawl by grouping common green spaces, but with a much higher architectural quality.

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