Centrality and periphery in Madrid since 2000 (7)

Which are the spatial conditions of the most productive zones? As productivity depends on the acts of persons in a given context of price, competition, regulation and technology, I am not sure that the spatial conditions are fully determinant; the urban tissue has an inertia that the economic flux has not. Do not take this as a vote for “anything goes”; it is rather a reason to provide as high an architectural and environmental quality as you can, as it will be tested by an economic environment that will no doubt evolve. Anyway, it seems relevant to see what happened in Madrid in 2009 (last year with available statistics).


The next articles will be about five of the census blocks with the highest GDP in 2009 in central Madrid and its surroundings:

 Azca (3)

Campo de las Naciones (6)

Banco de España (9)

Ciudad Universitaria (12)

Julián Camarillo (13)

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