Centrality and periphery in Madrid since 2000 (11)

ciudad universitaria

The University City was in 2009 the 12th census block in the region by GDP, with 1.417 million euros. With a population of 1.514 and 27.089 jobs (4th census block by jobs number) the ratio was 18 jobs by resident.

The model of the American campus, implanted in Madrid at the dawn of the XXth century for what still today are mainly public universities, has produced a relevant GDP hub, but it remains to be seen if it will resist the crisis as well as other areas. The other relevant activity in the area is the Palacio de la Moncloa, the headquarters of the PM.

Overall the area has an average- high urban quality; there are some interesting buildings, but green is the most interesting feature, and you do not see the kind of spaces usually associated with north American campuses.

Again, a non-center, but a single function area which is important and really used. The transition to the existing city is not bad, but the pedestrian distance to the most central areas is too high.





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