Real street in La Coruña


Real street in La Coruña (Galicia, Spain) is one of the most relevant in the historical core. Some 300 m long and 7 m wide, it was historically an inner road as related to the seashore, today at a greater distance due to landfill. The urban patter is relatively regular, although not homogeneous in geometrical termes: the axis of the street is not entirely straight, but the end can be seen from the beginning.

The street was historically a retail core for the city; the metropolitan expansion, peripheral malls and economic crisis have since eroded that role, today largely diluted.

The architectural uniformity is rather maintained in the central section, but there have been relevant changes to the west (A). The paving, made of large granite slabs (that can give you “downside up rain” on rainy days if they move…) is still there. It is a pedestrian street, but for deliveries to retail, as many of the surrounding streets, not only by regulations, but also due to their dimension (and the lack of garages in such narrow lots…)

Real-1 Real-2

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