Biblio (44) The guidelines for public space in metropolitan Bordeaux

Biblio 44

The Communauté Urbaine de Bordeaux (a metropolitan governance body), in France, has published a guide on the project of public spaces. The document is to be read with the Guide for Urban Quality and Sustainable Urban Works edited by the same entity. It has two chapters to be considered as recommendations and three that have a normative role.

The general guidelines for urban interventions are:

–           A city of proximity, favoring the neighborhood scale

–           A reinforced quality of urban spaces and heritage

–           Mastering mobility

–           Ensuring economic vitality

–           A greener and better city

The inhabited city is divided in four wide categories, from the core to the outer spaces: the central site, the neighborhoods, the pericentral territory and the peripheral territory. The landscape analysis is also integrated in the definition of the area.

Five hierarchical levels are defined for streets, from local to freeway.

The document has contents on the dimensions of the spaces as much as on the building materials.


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