Ibiza- Sainz de Baranda

Ibiza- Baranda 720 m

The title is about streets, not the island… With a total length of 720 m and a width of 30 m, lateral sidewalks slightly over 2 m, and a central promenade of 11 m, Ibiza and Sainz de Baranda streets are an interesting case. They have the same overall width and the same kind of building that Narvaez, their perpendicular street, has. They connect the Retiro, the grand central park of Madrid, and as they have central promenades they have a certain number of cafes and restaurants. The whole neighborhood is reasonably served with retail (not a magnet for shoppers as some blocks to the north, but not the worst area in the city either). But the more retail looking street is Narvaez: despite giving more space to the car, it gets up to the department stores in Goya- Felipe II, sidewalks are wider (some 5 m) and, probably, the fact there are less trees “distracts less” the pedestrians, that so can focus on the shops on the opposite sidewalk (essential…).

Calle Alcalde Sainz de Baranda

Calle Alcalde Sainz de Baranda

ibiza-baranda ibiza-baranda2


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