Biblio (47) Model projects for the swiss rural spaces

biblio 47-ch

The Swiss Federal Office for Spatial Development, in coordination with the Federal Offices for Environment, Agriculture and Economy, has developed between 2007 and 2011 thirteen innovative projects to boost the dynamism of rural territories, using synergies to that end. The projects addressed the following topics:

–           Regional centers and their role in the close rural space

–           Territorial control coordination: land use management

–           Sustainable rural tourism

–           Landscape and nature stewardship

–           Renewable energies

–           Compensation of benefits and disadvantages.

Many interesting subjects are in the projects, as the coordination between voluntary farmland rearrangement and landscape, the improvement in the landscape integration of buildings, energy development throught biogas and sustainable wood harvesting, and the coordination between local authorities to avoid a competition for investments that in the end can be harmful for the land.

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