Hypothesis 200 m (2)


What would Europe look like under 200 m of water? it is a rather low lying continent, and a large share of what would remain would be mountain ranges, so there would be a clear problem to give shelter to a population the size of the current one and to nourish them, as most of the cereal plains would be wet, but for central Spain and some in current central Europe. Albeit there is another thing to consider: such a rise in the sea level would be simply devastating for the environment; if you liked Fukushima, or even the havoc wrecked by the “toxic soup” of household and industrial chemicals spilled during the Katrina episode in New Orleans, this situation would simply be hell.


Such a sea rise would simply turn upside down the whole world and the whole of Europe. The speed at which such an event could happen would condition the ability to react, albiet probably the situation would be closer to that in the film “On the beach” (Stanley Kramer, 1959) than to a happy ending without casualties. But what I will focus on (as a mere mental exercise, following Saramago’s stone raft…) is how some landscapes would change.


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