Individual homes in Madrid (1)



Faced with the issues mentionned in biblio (66), I asked myself what is happening in Madrid. Some exemples follow regarding neighborhoods created at the begining of the XXth century, locally called “colonias de hotelitos”, a local version of the french or british garden cities; in some, Madrid has witnessed an evident gentrification, linked to their position in the city. Cadastral data, open to everyone on the web, show some elements.

This first case corresponds to an area by a freeway, on the east side of the city, surrounded by low grade 1960’s buildings.

Building year or last overall refurbishment year for each lot. Here, a nearly total homogeneity

Lot areas are different, but on a coherent range. A rather oddity in Madrid, the inner street is private.
colonia1-superficie vivienda

Residential built area by lot. Nearly all the buildings keep the original buildings.
colonia1-supaparcCovered parking area by lot. Only two here overall.

So, here we can conclude that the land use evolution is rather undevelopped.

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