Individual homes in Madrid (2)


Again an eastern neighborhood, but in a more central location and subject to clear transformation dynamics

Building year is not that homogeneous: there is a number of buildings dating from 1926, others were built just following the 1936-1939 civil war, and there are even some that have less than a decade. Visiting the area it is clear that there are many recent middle range interventions (the old suburb has become central, so it is more attractive)

Lot area is more homogeneous, taking into acount the irregular site.

Most of the lots still have dwellings, but a bunch have none. There is a set of private kindergarten, a restaurant and even a notary’s office.
colonia2-superfaparcIn 1926 a covered garage was an uncommon idea, but today there are many (the rest usually park their car on their gardens…)

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