La Gavia

gavia 3
The project for the Parque de la Gavia in Madrid calls for a re-use of sewage water, whose treatment will be ensured partially by natural filtration ponds whose moisture help the growth of vegetation. The project, by Japanese architect Toyo Ito, was suposed to be part of the Madrid Olympic bids, incorporating some water sports. Nowadays it has gone from project to reality, a tricky bussiness for parks. Architects usually tend to see their buildings in their best shape when works are finished, but park designers usually integrate in the design the growth process, so a new park can be somehow underwhelming, especially compared to the expectatives raised by a park whose geometric design was part of the game. But in fact, the park delivers what should be expected: an open space in a mostly dry area of southeastern Madrid, which at least will use recycled water… and the growth of the  trees coul give a good result, if handled with care.



The park has not been officially opened, but as the works have been halted due to budgetary cuts, in fact neighbours opened some holes in the fence, and it is being used…

Images are from a cellphone camera, so don’t ask too much…

gavia 4

One of the ponds presented in plan as “water trees”. gavia2

gavia 1

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